What’s going on?

Branded Activity Feed

Customers can view who is here, upload photos, reveal connections, even receive a real cocktail from across the room!
Unlock Specials!

Check In

Customers can share their special event with other users and their friends on other social networks.
Keep them coming back!

In-App Promotions

Easily extend your marketing assets into a rich mobile media format. Announce specials or upcoming events.
Go ahead and ask them.

Contests & Surveys

Customers can participate in fun engaging contests or surveys for giveaways, discounts or additional loyalty points!
Send your friend a drink!


Customers can send vouchers for real food or drinks to their friends. Your menu, your pricing!
Extend your menu off-premise

Tweet or Post a Drink!

Increase your social presence. When Customers check in, friends can remotely send your Users a real drink from anywhere.
We make better coasters

Alcohol Brand Marketers

Beverage partners love how we can safely and legally market to your Customers when they are 6ft away from their products.
What We Do

Technology is continually changing the way we stay connected socially, but nothing will ever replace the value of happy hour after work with co-workers, and meeting up with the gang for the game.

Dining out and enjoying cocktails are some of the most social and leisurely entertainment experiences your customers enjoy. graZie Mobile builds on that experience and leverages technology to enhance their in-store experience. Our restaurant apps connect customers, distribute relevant and time sensitive marketing content, promote your brand, integrate with all social platforms and gathers real-time customer participation data – all in one simple mobile solution.
  • We wanted to come up with a fun interactive way for guests to combine the ultimate pastime of enjoying a celebratory cocktail with the power of social media.